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Installing a Water Filtration/Purification System can be a cost effective solution to providing not only great tasting water, but also the purest drinking and cooking water direct from the tap.

Soft Options can help you to determine which Filtration/Purification System is the best solution for your home and more importantly meets your budget.

Drinking Water Filtration System

Our range of water filters will enhance and freshen the taste of your mains water on demand

water-filter-02The filters will remove sediments, chlorine and organics such as benzene, pesticides and herbicides from your water, and will also neutralise any odours.

EcoWater Reverse Osmosis Purification System

This purification system will remove up to 95% of contaminants providing high quality water for both drinking and cooking.

Reverse Osmosis Purification SystemThe purification system filters your water to remove metals, algae, bacteria and other inorganic’s such as nitrates, aluminium and sodium.

Please click here to download the ERO375 product information.

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Drinking Water

Drinking Water Benefits

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