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How Water Softeners Work?

Limescaled pipework

It’s not what we put in, it’s what we take out…

OK, so here’s for the science bit. An efficient water softener from Soft Options will remove chalk and limescale deposits (calcium and magnesium carbonates) using an ion exchange process.

The water passes through a cylinder containing ion-exchange resin beads. The beads remove the hardness (calcium and magnesium) to provide soft water for your home/business. Periodically and automatically the resin beads are recharged (cleaned and flushed) using a brine solution. This enables them to carry on removing the hardness so that a continuous supply of soft water can be provided.

Our water softeners will automatically monitor the volume of water used and will only flush when required, making them not only cost effective but environmentally friendly as well.

Once a month check

The only householder maintenance required is to check and replenish the salt.  In an average household this happens once a month.

More water softener benefits…

Good for Your Home

Good for Your Home

With a water softener, everything works efficiently which saves you precious energy and money.

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Water Softeners

Water Softeners

All our water softeners work perfectly with most households and we have a water softener for every size of home.

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Lifelong Relationship

Soft Options can supply you with your replacement filters and salt with free delivery.

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